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darren criss + social media (insp.)

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@msleamichele Enjoying the last few minutes of summer! #Mexico @garzablancapvr ❤️ 
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Daniel Radcliffe | ‘What If’ Press Tour, Denmark

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hp cast + ALS ice bucket challenge

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"Have you seen those photos? Photoshop is great. They make me look so fantastic."


—took my parents a while to accept their feelings—must run in the family.

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#crying over billie piper’s perfection #or should i say #PERVFECTION #omg that was bad lolololol



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anonymous prompted: Do you still take prompts? Because i would love some army!kurt, either coming home and supising blaine or the skype-y long distance stuff.

“Blaine, dude, you gotta calm down.”

Blaine whirls around from where he’s straightening his comforter to give his roommate, Kyle, a scathing glare. Kyle, to his credit, doesn’t look away from the hacky sack he’s tossing in the air. “Calm down? Kyle, I haven’t seen my recently-deployed fiancé since he left the country back in August. That was—are you looking at me?—over a month ago.”

Kyle finally stops tossing the hacky sack and heaves himself into a sitting position, holding his hands out in surrender. With his floppy blond hair and brown eyes Kyle reminds Blaine a lot like a Labrador, especially when he knows that he’s done something wrong.

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Dianna Agron on Bare Set.

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