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What I really loved, what didn’t really register with me until I rewatched the scene, was during the final Serendipity scene Kurt spoke of us “WE are going to eat healthier and cook healthier. WE started a new ab class at the NYADA gym. This is US saying goodbye to eating out for a while”.

Shows they talked about ways how Blaine can get back to feeling comfortable in his skin again and they are doing it together.

"My boyfriend likes to call me “country heart, city mouth”.”

"I was with my partner in crime

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anon requested skank!kurt giving blaine a piggyback so here they are being giggly and happy uwu

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Happy Easter everyone~! 


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alianne asked: Klaine, #10 … pinning the other against a wall

“I swear to God, Blaine, you go near my cheesecake one more time and I will annihilate you!”

Kurt flung his bag down onto the kitchen chair, blood boiling and legs aching and absolutely fucking exhausted, and glared at his husband. His husband, who was currently licking cream cheese off his fingers as surreptitiously as possible, all the while trying to stare him down defiantly.

“It’s not your cheesecake, Kurt, it was just a cheesecake that was in the fridge. I would think that I would be allowed to eat something out of my own refrigerator without having to fucking ask permission first!”

Kurt sighed in frustration and ran a hand through his hair. “Is there any left?”



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